FYXnav (TSO C199)

FYXnav (TSO C199)


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FYXnav is the world’s smallest, lightest TSO CERTIFIED navigation source.  FYXnav brings aviation integrity to unmanned aircraft by combining a high precision WAAS GNSS sensor with an integrated RAIM processor.  Resilient against jamming, spoofing and GPS range errors FYXnav provides reliable navigation in challenging environments.  The position source is a critical part of any UAS operation.  Don’t trust your mission to a smartphone GPS.


FYXnav features a precision WAAS GPS receiver, integrated antenna and a battery backup for quicker position initialization. Integrated security and integrity technologies including Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) and Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) to detect and correct errors improving accuracy, reliability, and availability.

  • Exceeds the requirements of TSO-C199 TABs Class B.

  • Performs in low sensitivity or high GPS multipath areas.

  • Supports GPS/SBAS GNSS constellations.

  • Battery backup option for fast TTFF.

  • UTC timing output for UAT ADS-B medium synchronization.

  • Integrated RAIM processor for security and integrity protection.

  • Advanced jamming and spoofing detection.

  • Uses SBAS corrections and health messages to detect and correct satellite range errors.

  • Satellite pseudo-range step errors detected and excluded.

  • SBAS fast and long term corrections applied.